3D effect show:
Android-4.0.3 on Windows: a game and OpenGL demo

The latest exe file is uploaded to our g+ cloud disk, and will be updated on critical change/upgrade.

windroy_20140113.exeNew! (md5: a2be28b4331eeeeabad81e14f303bb16)

alternative download link 1

alternative download link 2 (pwd:29fa)

windroy_20140107.exe (md5: 4e31a49dd4d5b8dd116f7ea856e83aaa)

windroy_20131212.exe(md5: 76a6b7219cf1a0a8fdfc47852fb6e32d)

windroy_20131126.exe (md5: 03568778dfcdc3445f01408e7f398856)

windroy_20130803.exe (md5: 33429029914064674d187d5d3b95e790)

Add window mode. The default is full screen mode. To set main window size, set an environment variable WINDROY_RESOLUTION=widthxheight. For example, WINDROY_RESOLUTION=800x600


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